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Use at the beginning of a table to assign the wikitable and other commonly used table CSS classes. With no parameters, the template outputs class="wikitable". The param1, param2, and param3 parameters can be any of the following options:

Collapse options
  • show, hidable, or collapsible: Uses the collapsible class to show a [hide] link to collapse the table, but leaves the table uncollapsed by default
  • hide, collapse, or collapsed: Uses the collapsible collapsed classes to make the table collapsed with a [show] link to reveal the table.
  • auto or autocollapse: Uses the collapsible autocollapse classes to make the table collapsible, but only collapse it if there are three or more collapsible tables on the page
  • inner or innercollapse: Uses the collapsible innercollapse classes to make the table collapsible, but only collapse if the table is within a larger table with the outercollapse class.
  • outer or outercollapse: Uses the outercollapse class to collapse any smaller tables within the table it that use the innercollapse class. Can be combined with the various collapse and sort options above.
Sort options
  • sort or sortable: Uses the sortable class to add sorting buttons to each column of the table. Can be combined with the various collapse options above or with outercollapse.
Other options
  • Any other Wikipedia class may be specified using the |class= parameter.

Up to three parameters can be used, plus the custom |class= parameter, and they can be specified in any order.


Example One[ویرایش]

|row1=2001 Started research
|row2=2002 Published findings}}
2001 Started research
2002 Published findings

Example Two[ویرایش]

|type=class="wikitable sortable"
|title=Example Table Two
|row1=2001{{!!}}Started research
|row2=2002{{!!}}Published findings}}
Example Table Two
Year Comments
2001 Started research
2002 Published findings

Misuse of this template[ویرایش]

Inexperienced editors may confuse this template with the manual way of making tables, and mix the two, or otherwise make odd mistakes. For example, this text (that accomplishes nothing) may appear within a page's wikimarkup: {{table}}. To prevent this from occurring, a message is displayed to the user instructing them about misuse. Also, the page is added to the Articles using the table template incorrectly category. After the initial cleanup (all instances of {{table}} were removed), it seems unlikely now that someone would use this template wrong because of the warning message. But keep an eye on that category, just in case!

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