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شرکت مادر{{{parent}}}
غیرفعال یا منحل‌شده{{{defunct}}}
کشور مبدأ{{{country}}}
وبگاه رسمی{{{website}}}

{{Infobox record label}} adds an infobox to the article page of a ناشر موسیقی. The template's code should go at the top of the page, before the article ویکی‌پدیا:شیوه‌نامه/بخش آغازین, but below disambiguation notices (see also ویکی‌پدیا:شیوه‌نامه/دسترسی‌پذیری).

Pre-filled sample[ویرایش]

For simple use, you can directly cut-n-paste the sample code below (filling in the relevant fields, deleting the irrelevant fields, and leaving out with their self-documentation comments the fields you don't know or that can be used later):

{{Infobox record label <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Music -->
| name        = <!-- "label name" displayed in box title, defaults to page title -->
| image       = <!-- logo, such as "LABEL-LOGO.jpg" -->
| image_size  = <!-- size -->
| image_alt   = <!-- WP:ALT text describing the image -->
| caption     = <!-- a caption for the image -->
| parent      = <!-- parent company, such as "[[گروه موسیقی وارنر]]" -->
| founded     = <!-- year of foundation, such as {{تاریخ آغاز|1950}} -->
| founder     = <!-- name of founders, separated by using commas, {{فهرست یک‌دست}} or {{Hlist}} -->
| defunct     = <!-- year the label dissolved, such as {{تاریخ پایان|1990}} -->
| status      = <!-- leave blank unless "Inactive" -->
| distributor = <!-- distributors, separated by using commas, {{فهرست یک‌دست}} or {{Hlist}} -->
| genre       = <!-- such as "[[موسیقی ملل]]" or "Various", separated by using commas, {{فهرست یک‌دست}} or {{Hlist}} -->
| country     = <!-- origin, such as "United States" or "Turkey" -->
| location    = <!-- headquarters city and state -->
| website     = <!-- such as "{{نشانی وب|www.atlanticrecords.com}}" -->

Empty sample[ویرایش]

If you already know exactly what goes into each field, this version too can be cut-n-pasted directly into your article and filled on the spot, without having to delete the helper comments as you fill it:

{{Infobox record label <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Music -->
| name        = 
| image       = 
| image_size  =
| image_alt   =
| caption     =  
| parent      = 
| founded     = <!-- {{تاریخ آغاز|YYYY}} -->
| founder     = 
| defunct     = <!-- {{تاریخ پایان|YYYY}} -->
| status      = 
| distributor = 
| genre       = 
| country     = 
| location    = 
| website     = <!-- {{نشانی وب|example.com}} -->


All fields are currently optional (in that not filling them won't cause a display error), but it is recommended to try and fill as much as possible within sourced information, especially founded and country. An empty {{Infobox record label}} will generate only the blue heading with the name of the article.

(Defaults to article name.) Label name displayed in infobox title.
Label logo, such as LABEL-LOGO.jpg.
preferably between 100 pixels and 200 pixels wide, depending on its portrait or landscape orientation—default is 180px.
ویکی‌پدیا:متن جایگزین برای تصاویر
a caption for the image
Parent company, such as [[گروه موسیقی وارنر]].
Foundation year, just 4 digits, such as "1950", using {{Start date}}
Name of founders, separated by using commas, {{Flatlist}} or {{Hlist}}.
Dissolved year, just 4 digits, such as "1990", using {{end date}}
Leave blank unless Inactive.
Distributors, separated by using commas, {{Flatlist}} or {{Hlist}}.
Such as [[موسیقی ملل]] or Various, separated by using commas, {{Flatlist}} or {{Hlist}}.
The single country of origin, such as United States or Turkey. Do not use abbreviations unless absolutely necessary. Do not use flags per WP:INFOBOXFLAG.
Headquarters city and state or province. Abbreviations, such as "MA" for "Massachusetts", "ON" for "Ontario", etc., should never be used. See Notes[۱] for details.
website or url
Specifies official site of record label using {{الگو:نشانی وب

| founded = ۱۹۹۵ (۱۹۹۵)

| founder =
| distributor =

| genre = Various | country = United States | location = New York City | website = www.republicrecords.com }}

{{Infobox record label <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Music -->
| name        = Republic Records
| image_name  = Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.svg
| image_size  = 100px
| parent      = [[گروه موسیقی یونیورسال]]
| founded     = {{تاریخ آغاز|1995}}
| founder     = {{Hlist| [[Monte Lipman]] | Avery Lipman }}
| distributor = {{Hlist| Universal Music Group (Worldwide) | [[ویرجین ای‌ام‌آی رکوردز]] (in the UK) }}
| genre       = Various
| country     = United States
| location    = New York City
| website     = {{نشانی وب|www.republicrecords.com}}

The above template code example produces the infobox displayed at right.

  • The actual logo is not displayed on this documentation page because of fair-use limitations (it can be used only to illustrate the article about it). A Wikipedia logo is used here to demonstrate logo use and placement.
  • Notice in the distributor field how you can go to a new line for a sub-item by hiding the newline in the middle of the <br /> . Doing so is not required (the founder field doesn't use it), and neither version affects the output, but it can make the wikicode more readable and editable with long sub-items.
  • Two fields have been omitted in this example: bgcolor (because the default white color is to be used here), and status (because the company is neither inactive nor defunct, and currently unlikely to require the field in the near future).


  1. As per RfC "Naming countries in infoboxes": When identifying a location, city or region in the United States or United Kingdom, the preferred approach is to use the country abbreviations allowed by ویکی‌پدیا:شیوه‌نامه/کوته‌نوشت, such as "Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S." and "Cardiff, Wales, UK", rather than spelling out the full country name. Avoid using abbreviations for states or provinces in all nations. New Hampshire rather than NH, New South Wales rather than NSW, or British Columbia rather than BC (see ویکی‌پدیا:شیوه‌نامه/کوته‌نوشت). Cities such as New York City and London may be rendered as "New York City, U.S." and "London, UK" or simply "New York City" and "London". Also, these should not be linked when the context makes it clear (see ویکی‌پدیا:شیوه‌نامه/پیونددهی). If only the country name is included, it may be written out in full.


The template does not create any automatic categorization of the article. You have to add your article to the relevant categories. Suggested categories (and their subcategories) to investigate include:

Plus one or more possible special case such as:

And possibly more from:


کد اچ‌تی‌ام‌ال تولیدشده توسط این الگو محتوی یک میکروفرمت hCard می‌باشد، که جزئیات سازمان را برای رایانه‌ها قابل تجزیه می‌کند.

الگوهای زیرمجموعه[ویرایش]

  • اگر نهاد تاریخ بنیادگذاری یا آغاز یا گشایش یا ... دارد می‌توانید از {{تاریخ آغاز}} استفاده کنید. ().
  • برای نشانی وبگاه نهاد از {{نشانی وب}} استفاده کنید.
  • اگر نهاد مختصات جغرافیایی دارد، از {{Coord}} استفاده کنید برای نمایش ، که دستگاه مختصات جغرافیایی (طول و عرض) با تجزیهٔ دستور نمایش می‌دهد.parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.


hCard از کلاس‌های اچ‌تی‌ام‌ال استفاده می‌کند ازجمله موارد زیر:

    • adr
    • agent
    • category
    • country-name
    • extended-address
    • fn
    • geo
    • label
    • latitude
    • locality
    • longitude
    • nickname
    • note
    • org
    • region
    • street-address
    • url
    • vcard

لطفا این کلاس‌ها یا تغییر نام یا حذف نکنید؛ nor collapse nested elements which use them.

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