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Title: Persia past and present; a book of travel and research, with more than two hundred illustrations and a map
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: Jackson, A. V. Williams (Abraham Valentine Williams), 1862-1937
Subjects: Zoroastrianism
Publisher: New York, The Macmillan Company London, Macmillan & Co., ltd.
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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The plumpnessof the legs in each case is striking, and it reminded me of thebas-reliefs over the inscriptions of Darius which I had been 212 THE GREAT BEHISTAN ROCK examining, and also of some of the Achsemenian sculpturesat Persepolis. There was no evidence of the flowing trousersor the balloon-shaped hats that belong to the Sasanian period.On the whole I believe that the sculptures on this monolithnear the Behistan rock are to be ascribed to the Achsemenianera rather than to any other. Time was now up, and I left the scene of the great inscrip-tion on Friday afternoon, April 17, feeling painfully awarethat I might have accomplished more if my time had beenlonger and my means greater, but happy in heart at the thoughtof having possibly contributed something toward our betterknowledge of the Behistan text of the inscription of Darius,and inspired by the hope that an opportunity may in some waybe offered me to go again and complete such parts as had to beleft undone at the moment. f /
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CHAPTER XV TAK-I BOSTAN AND KERMANSHAH Near Kermansliah, and between Hamadan and Holvan, is the Castle ofShirin. The name Shirin in Persian signifies sweet, and she was the favoriteslave of King Parviz. _ Yakut, Majma al-Buldan, s.v. Kirmasin. The crags of Mount Bisitun looked black and gloomythrough a mass of fog in the early dawn as I rode out of themanzil, after my first two days at the scene of the inscription,and directed my way toward the city of Kermanshah and thebeautiful villa of Tak-i Bostan in its environs. This latterplace was a famous park in Sasanian times, thirteen centuriesago, and it is still renowned for its ancient sculptures. Asit was necessary to make only a slight detour on my way toreach it, I decided to go to Tak-i Bostan before proceeding toKermanshah. ^ My road lay through a rolling plain bounded on the northby the mountain ridge of Kuh Paro, which runs from Bisitunto Tak-i Bostan, and on the south by spurs of the great rangeof hills that extend past Kermansh

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